Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Halloween came early in Atlanta. Who's got the candy corn?

Every year when my friend- the MILF in the list to the right- tells me about her plans to attend DRAGONCON, I stifle a laugh.
When I first met her and she said she and her husband were video game playing geeks, I could hardly believe it. She seemed so cool, so NORMAL.
Eventually I met her husband (also cool, and a great singer) and their gamer friends and I have to admit, I was kinda disappointed I had not been more of a geek in high school. These people were funny and smart and no one had tape on the bridge of their glasses or snorted milk through their nose. I had to change my vision of a geek.
I have yet to hear the graphic details of her DC adventure, but the picture link she sent me had me tittering and pointing. I definitely would have been bopped by an inflatable sword if I'd been there.

But, I also would have fallen in love with Superman all over again.
Decisions, decisions... hmmm.

I would have thanked this guy for bringing back my Sleestak nightmares.

I would have these two: "What the hell were you smoking?"

I would have wanted to hang with these guys all weekend, and find out who the hot guy was behind them in the ripped fishnet. Ouch.

And I would have wanted my picture taken with this guy, after I made a Sharpie tattoo of R2D2 on his ass.

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