Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Things I ALMOST Miss

  There are so many things I used to have, thought I needed, or simply wanted.
  Somedays I miss them—
 Until I remember how much upkeep and cost they entailed.
 Things like:

 A size 2 body
 A 50 gallon freshwater aquarium
 assorted houseplants in every room
 A large vegetable garden
 A summer and a winter wardrobe
 A size 2 body
 reptiles, any caged sort
 long, perfect fingernails
 multiple hairy dogs
 Fresh flower bouquets
 Did I mention a size 2 body?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Grunion Run plans, not at all like Cannonball Run.

Have you ever seen this?

 I wrote about this phenomenon a long time ago, but have yet to witness it personally.

I'd like to think my imagination was spot on, but... you'll have to read The Sack They Left Behind and judge for yourself.
 And me, I think I may need a nice long trip back to the left coast just to check on those details and follow this story out of LA:

 At the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, they are attempting to establish a captive population of grunion, which means lots of volunteers with flashlights and pails to "milk" the females for eggs.

"Grunion are prey fish -- almost everything eats them. Sea lions, sharks," said aquarium laboratory assistant Andres Carrillo, 25. "I fried some up and ate them myself. Once. Tasted like mackerel."

well. there you go.