Friday, June 29, 2007

Not only did we SWIM with them, we let them hurl us into the AIR!

Originally uploaded by Another Good Thing
You'd think that I"d have a better photograph to post, if i really was in the water doing tricks with dolphins, like maybe a still shot from the DVD made by dreamy Mario where my bikini bottoms almost fall off as the dolphins zip me across the pool their snouts on my soles, only to stop short at the sound of the dog whistle-- face planting me in seawater. Yeah, a photo like that.
Instead, you get this. My wristband trashed in an empty rum punch "to go" cup. The only thing to drink after swallowing dolphin water, the only thing to quench your thirst on long walk back down Meads Bay to the Malliouhana where Rasta-man Henry waits for you at the bar.
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