Monday, September 3, 2007

C'mon, the Assassins?

I remember stepping up and down on my stationary step in the living room of our East Bay condo trying to lose babyweight as the OJ fiasco played out.
That baby is now 13 and still, I have to hear about this guy? Don't the Goldman's have a hitman yet?

A few days ago, I read that the Goldmans won the publication rights to the book, If I Did It by OJ Simpson, and- get this-- a video game as well.
Of course my first thought is of those computer simulated scenes of how the murder happened as presented in court all those years ago, but it can't be that. I mean, I have a weird imagination, but not even I can see a parent letting their kid play a twisted game like that.

I read on, "A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that Goldman is entitled to all money the Hall of Famer (OJ) was paid by publisher Take-Two Interactive Software to use his name and likeness in the new All-Pro Football 2K8 videogame. The game publisher, whose hit titles include Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt 2, included a digital version of Simpson on a fictional squad called the Assassins, which features a hooded mascot who makes stabbing gestures in the air with a knife every time the team scores...."

*pic is from OJ pay per view show called "Juiced" where he attempted in this scene to sell his white Ford bronco , claiming, "It was a good truck, it helped me get away..."
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