Friday, August 31, 2007

Gonna Get My Freak On

It's BOOK FESTIVAL weekend and that means lots of words will be flung. I can barely contain myself. I'll be pointing and snapping digitals and scribbling quotes and getting books signed. I'll be like a geek at a D&D conference. which is kinda funny because DragonCon is going on down the street- at the same time.
Last year I met Diana Gabaldon

and drank beers with Jack Riggs while this guy read and played his guitar. This year, my email buddy George is on stage with this guy and I can hardly contain myself because I am hooked on this. God, I sound like a name dropping dork. Oh, and did I mention my friend and ex-neighbor used to be married to this guy's brother? (the top one not the bottom one, cuz that would be way too weird.) What better intro could I need?
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