Friday, August 17, 2007

HUGE bananas and Pawtucket

"Mom, do you think they'd let me wear that pink shirt to school?"
"Sure, why not?"
( me thinking: because it's pink?)
"Well,because of what it says."
( I read shirt: Pawtucket)
"Um, what do you think?"
"Well, it sounds a little naughty in one way... I don't know."
(me thinking how I love my 13 year old son saying 'a little naughty' and the fact that he thinks Pawtucket is a bad thing.)
"Nah, you're okay. Tell them I said so."
(I drop the butter knife on my toe)

9 year old girl to 8 year old boy: Wow. Look at those bananas!
boy: Yeah, they're HUGE, right?
girl: I know. Have you ever seen such big bananas?
girl grabs one.
girl: It looks like a penis!
boy: Yeah, a big, green penis,right?
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