Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mansions, Mclarens, Moms, Martinis, Midnight Madness

Mountains of fun yesterday.
I went here with Angie, where we toured 4 houses ( photographs prohibited- but I got some anyway) and laughed at the guy who mounted a wild boar's ass over the toilet in the terrace level/game room bathroom. I think his wife made her point by tying a red ribbon on his corkscrewy tail. That was my favorite house, done in a lodge theme with many creative and funky details and lots of clean, sparse rooms in different shades of blue. It gave me great ideas, unfortunately those ideas won't buy me a 3 million dollar home.

We saw a whale shaped pool and some great outdoor spaces, including this fireplace, grill area that I thought was crying out for some rattan chaises and end tables, a portable bar and some MUSIC.After the houses, we did some wine tasting at the Chateau. Their wines suck. I mean, they are really bad- but we drank some anyway, then ate at the cafe and drank Rodney Strong Cabernet- the only wine they sold by the glass that wasn't as crappy as theirs. As we came in to the cafe we saw this sign-
which made us laugh almost as much as the pig butt.
The day was complete when I got up and personal with this car:

Then it was more playtime with the monthly bunko meeting combining 2 months of drinking- I mean, catching up --and speed rounds so that we could go Christmas shopping before midnight. We drank Apple Pie Martinis, and did shots of
vanilla vodka from my belt flask, which turned out to be good luck, really good luck.
Those poor Kohl's employees. the night shift must suck worse than bad wine- if the crying girl stocking shelves in the toy section was any indication, or the zombie behind the jewelry counter hiding from the quarreling couple-or the slow moving foreign cashier who couldn't believe all that stuff was mine... or that we were drinking from a flask in the checkout line. I'm glad she missed the dry humping in the linens department.
There was more gossipy catch up back at Vicki's and some midnight munchies that I can't remember more than it was the best food that I had ever eaten in my entire life.

The day.. it so did not suck.
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