Friday, November 30, 2007

Nov 30: Wrapping up 30 days of shoes

Well that was fun. Thirty pairs of shoes came out of the closet.

It's cold here today. I had to turn on the heat when I got up at 4:30 to write. The dogs were sleeping curled in balls nose to tail with the lab tucking his front paw over his eyes as I turned on the light.
So I chose this Spring shoe. Ann Marino's Field of Dreams. I like that. Do you ever notice the names of your shoes? I wonder how that works exactly? I mean, are there committees? Or does the designer come up with the name and that's that?
I used to sit at my desk in high school and draw designs of clothes and shoes in a ratty old notebook, the cover of which had various boy's names scratched out of crooked hearts.
I came up with the belly chain before they were selling them on the beaches of Saint Tropez, hung edging from my jean hems before it was cool and made the wraparound belt my staple.
If everyone else was wearing Timberlands and overalls, I didn't. if they said red was in, I mixed gray and pink. I only conformed when I had to wear the cheerleading uniform on Fridays, but even then, my socks were rolled tighter and my skirt shorter. I wasn't a rebellious dresser. My Mom was way too strict. We could only wear jeans one day a week, which forced me to be creative with dresses and skirts and pants- unlike my daughter- but she's still young.
Over the years, my dreams changed, but I still enjoy fashion- affordable fashion and follow Project Runway religiously, cheering for the next designer to make their own Field of Dreams.
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