Monday, November 5, 2007

Nov 5. Boot Scooting Errand Day.

nov 5
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You gotta love cowboy boots. Around here they make a Yankee feel a little more comfortable, though I still laugh when my New Hampshire born daughter says "Y'all."

My first cowboy boots were purchased at the NY State Fair in 1981, as I worked at the Columbia Record Club booth, cheating people out of their money. I loved those boots so much they were re-soled twice and dyed black in the early 90's before I finally replaced them with a pair of Tony Lamas.
I have a beat-up white pair that I no longer wear, having turned them into decor. They have been hanging from a large Christmas wreath over my front window for the last 5 Decembers. Last year a bird built a nest in one of the boots.
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