Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday Night's All Right and the NOV 10 SHOE THING

Today I'll be prepping for the 4th Annual Murder Mystery Party. This means moving furniture, removing personal items, decorating and creating the set of an impersonal hotel lobby -convention center ready to welcome 32 Super Heroes... if only I had some of that crappy art they usually have.
The day calls for bare feet and sneakers as I run around stressing the details, shouting out demands to the underlings to blow leaves off the yard, set up the chimeneas and fires, pick up the food, the ice, their asses...but tonight. I'll be a Super Hero. And I'll be wearing these:

Oh yeah, THE MAGIC BOOTS. You'll have to wait for the whole outfit, and for incriminating photos of all the others. Don'tcha wanna be my neighbor?
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