Monday, December 17, 2007

Okay, I'll do the meme holiday list thingy.

Let's call this list: Holiday Things I Hope to Do More Often.

1. Go to noisy bars and exchange naughty gifts then tell stories about why our waitress is crying in the bathroom and not bringing us more beers.
2. Go hear more live music, especially when the guys in the interesting and talented band know your name and the owner of the bar is Johnny Depp cool- buying your table drinks and sending over free food from his home country:
( just next time go earlier with a bigger appetite and a little more energy, and maybe a personal smoke blowing fan.)

3. Have more families over for football parties and wine tasting and CatchPhrase, the music edition, even if your husband the birthday boy washes dishes for a hour and you have to vacuum three times the next day.
4. Make husband this happy more often.

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