Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Computer Savvy- Just a Stubborn Dumbass

After 30 plus hours of website building fiascos I am willing to give in.
There is a point in all problems I attempt where I have take a step back.
Whether it is a home repair, an art project, my writing or dinner for 10, I usually try to get as far as I can on my own- with help from the internet, then I'll ask myself:

Am I wasting my time?
Will I be happy with good enough? Can I do this as well as a professional? Am I willing to admit my failure and ask for help? Do I know where the help is? Can I afford them?

Thing is, if I had talked to someone BEFORE I started any projects, I'd never get in these predicaments. I wouldn't have build a website for the new writing contest at a place that doesn't offer email. I wouldn't have switched to my old web host and spent 2 days reworking HTML on a weak design program trying to make good enough work. I wouldn't have bought the Taiwan country code domain, instead of the .com. I wouldn't have to learn the three programs I learned to make the .mac site upload only to find it doesn't easily accept paypal. I wouldn't have to dump and rebuild the original site, I wouldn't have stayed up until 3 AM and have fried brain cells today- if only I had been less stubborn, and just called a web designer, shelled out the money and handed it all over to them.

I'm not sure if I'm stupid, cheap or that I just love a challenge.

I do know that I have double vision and need to close my eyes for a few hours. Well, right after I finish another 20 pages of novel run through.

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