Monday, January 28, 2008

Overheard in Georgia.

You know I love that website, Overheard in New York and maybe a city of a million stories is more interesting than my little town, but if you listen...

on the radio:
Comedian compares living with a puppy to living with a crazy homeless person
"Hey man, I ate all the toilet paper and wiped my ass on the couch"

at bunko:
Mommy with breathing problems and blown knee sums up both problems with:
"Yes, it's sad. Tragically shortened my athletic career."

at the grocery store:
bagger to the cashier
"Stop singing that sad song about wanting to go home. Let's sing Hello Dolly. I know all the words."

All I can say is thank goodness I'll be in Manhattan on Thursday.

Last time I was there with my friend M, we met a guy who is great pals with Dr. Ruth. He introduced us to Elaine of "ELAINE'S" and she sat at our table (#2) where a funny funny German dude named AMADEUS, I kid you not, bought us all champagne and made us laugh whenever he giggled.

Yes, Ma'am. I meet interesting people.
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