Friday, January 25, 2008

Yes, I admit it. I watch American Idol.

You may have read my tirade here. But that's nothing compared to how much this bugs me. Look at this picture and see some of the AI finalists- that's right, 16 finalists revealed... When reality becomes too posed, too scripted, with commercial sign offs and faux PC voiceovers.. I don't know. I feel like I'm the one being used. At least this year there are not hours and hours of bloopers... Lord knows we don't need another William Hung.

Please please bring back ROCKSTAR. At least there I knew what was real and what was bullshit.
meanwhile I wait for LOST, and mourn the loss of great TV because of the writer's strike, though I TOTALLY get the reason for it. And THIS GUY should be listened to. see the SAME OLD STORY YOU TUBE VIDEO.
Tonight is a Tuscan themed BUNKO. I think al I need is wine and a bicycle.
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