Friday, February 22, 2008

Forget about wild drunken days that end in tattoo parlors, let's talk TV.

Do you agree with Mensas top 10 TV Shows? Mad About You was a personal fav. But why not Gilmore Girls? Some of the best Mamet-like dialogue on that show, I think. But I don't know, it could be because I saw it before you did and that was the thing. What thing? You know, the thing. Oh, the thing.

American Idol's Simon seems nicer this year, according to most 20 year olds interviewed at local bar, "He's more do-able." And yay for us, as Atlanta sends another ringer.

Lost is one show that I don't mind watching over and over. It's hard for me to find mistakes and I love the dirty, sweaty,not so perfect cast. Sawyer? Definitely do-able.Here's a podcast video featuring the costume designer.I also download free podcasts with insider info from i-tunes.

Project Runway.
'Nuf said.

Has anyone seen the NEW Trading Spaces?

Especially if we get to pick the contestants.

Okay, back to my book.

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