Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'll bet this designer loves Carol Burnett.

It's getting close to choosing a Project Runway winner. Of course I cheated and downloaded all the fashion week photos days and days ago, feeling for a brief moment like the rich front row gal with the clipboard and an order form- though probably even in my daydream I was only the assistant to the rich girl- my other life phase- the buyer. First I skimmed them trying to see Christian's flair, Chris's showmanship, Rami's drapery and Jillian's classic style tweaked to runway edge- boy was I surprised to see SweetP's collection. Life and reality TV- so not the same thing.
And yes, I am still waiting for SOMEONE to write a tell all Survivor book, contract be damned.

On the book front, I was able to run out in the cold to WORDSMITH'S and see my pal, Karin Gillespie AKA Karen Neches read from her new book, EARTHLY PLEASURES.
It's going in my bag for Spring Break reads, as well as her pal's THE ROMANCE READERS BOOK CLUB. That would be Julie L. Cannon-- an author who had to add an L. to differentiate her work from the new lesbian erotica writer... hmmm. If all it took was an "L"? Just kidding Julie.
I like to mix the light in with the heavy. I finished Harlen Coben's The Woods- love his stuff, and am halfway through an ARC which has since been released called, SEEING ME NAKED.
Also completing the Richard Ford edited Granta Book of the American Short Story, and oh, that's a big one.
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