Friday, February 29, 2008

One free day. How did you use it?

I should have:
used my *free* leap year day to be incredibly self indulgent- though if you ask my husband, that would not be any different that the other 365 days of this year

slept in

gone back to bed after kids were on the bus

gone out for lunch and drinks

written extra pages

taken a long bath with a book

gone shopping with all my gift cards

gotten a massage

I emailed the winner of the February scratch writing contest
I figured out how to fix the WIP (that's work in progress)
I tracked down a plumber to fix the leak that has cost me $100 in water over 6 weeks
I visited the liquor store to prep for TROPICAL BUNKO
I mailed a scholarship application to a summer writing program
I read
I ate soup while watching TIVO'd Project Runway
I built web pages
I drank a lot of water
i stared out the window for long stretches of time imagining what it's like on Crete right now

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