Thursday, March 27, 2008

Birthday Spam

Someone must know it's my birthday today.
Why just in this morning's inbox I've received free Gevalia coffee, an exciting offer from a land sale firm,
complimentary (look years younger) Hydroderm products and the opportunity to purchase Hollywood's #1 Fat Burner. I thought that was great until I learned my hotel inspired bedroom idea is kicking thing up at HGTV, and that my husband can enlarge his Johnson and be a walking hat rack for six small payments of $9.95.
THEN some guy from the UK emailed saying he wants to bring a group of students from Kings College to stay at my facility.
He needs to know the rate so he can prepay said facility in advance of their arrival. Wow. I didn't even know I had a facility. Isn't this great?

I almost feel guilty that I am sniffly and only want to read, write and watch movies all day. After the fab bday bash this weekend, the Mexican feast family party planned tonight and an earlier negotiated bar run with the ladies coming up tomorrow, I'll have done my share of welcoming in the 45th year- you think?

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