Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Learning from the pros.

Last night, my pal Liz and I went to hear Joshilyn Jackson speak at The Margaret Mitchell House in lovely downtown Atlanta. We arrived early- in the hot car- so we could enjoy drinks and dinner at The Vortex. Liz wanted to order the Big Naked Weenie, but settled for a veggie melt. Walking in the guy at the bar tells us pointing to the TV- "Oh man, you just missed it! The longest EVER car chase in LA."
yeah, darn.
Double darn that the MM house wasn't open for tours. I have almost read ALL the letters Margaret's hubby wrote.. each time I like the guy less. There might be a story there.. and no Lisa, you CAN'T have it.
While waiting for Joss to speak, we found this fab author. And yes, she is just as gorgeous in person, and even more humble. You MUST read her book, Sin in the Second City. I have warned her if I end up in NYC this summer as planned we are so heading to the meat packing district- now that I know my way around.
It was extra nice of Joss to come out early and chat with us-- such a funny gal- SO not raised by Fundamentalists. Then when it was time to do her THANG- of course, she killed it. She looked so comfortable up there in her spiky black and yellow sling backs ( yes!) you'd think she'd been doing this all her life and plus that- when she reads... well, let's just say I could sit there for hours and hours- if I had a bottle of wine. Go buy her book already- and the audio tape. it's her- all over the place.
Good night for an aspiring writer. Great night for a fan.

And now, something special for you from me and those wonderful folks at DSW.
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