Monday, March 10, 2008

Let's Talk about BEDS.

Double Full 54" 75"
Queen Queen 60" 80"
Standard or Eastern King King 76"-78"
California King Western King 72" 84" (longest)

Recently, I have been wondering about master bedrooms. One, why they are called, "master?" and two, why do people feel the need to make the bedroom more than a place to sleep? It seems that designers are taking the "let's make this room look like a hotel room "approach and I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in a hotel.

I've been looking at friend's new homes and houses online and someday soon will even buy one of those lovely properties and increase my square footage overall and in the bedrom... so what I was wondering was- would it be weird to put 2 full or queen beds in the master bedroom, instead of one huge king-sized one that will cost loads and loads to dress in quality linens?

This is the thing- I love sleeping alone. I sleep best alone. neither my husband nor I snore and there isn't much flailing going on, but when we share the queen bed, both of us love the moment the other vacates and we can sprawl in the center. Would it be so bad to use the "sitting area" of a master suite for the second bed?
Here's how I see it.
You go to bed together, his or mine... and an hour later- or twenty minutes later, someone goes back to their own bed. Everyone gets to choose their linens, their mattress type and their pillow- no one gets bopped in the nose by a wandering elbow, or slammed in the ass by a drawn up knee- and no one had the covers pulled from them in the middle of the night. If I want to read until 2 am, I can and if he wants to hear his music on his headphones, he can.

I think this might be a really good idea. Or am I nuts?
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