Monday, March 24, 2008

Whew. And the real birthday is still days away.

So the birthday bash went swell, though I am sure I said at least one inappropriate thing to at least one happy party-goer. And was returned in kind- 'cuz that's how we roll.
Our new town tavern was SO not ready for 28 of us.
My DH paid for food and drink we never received and he spent most of night rallying up something or rounding up someone. I barely saw him. That kinda sucked. But I had fun with my gal pals- and though I drank everything from an oatmeal cookie to a beer I took to calling "Sweet Lovin'" I didn't even have a headache the next day. ( thanks to my milk thistle, rose hips, ibuprofen and red bull pre party prep.)

We talked later about the difference in hosting at home or throwing a party at a central location. The biggest problem with our area is it doesn't have many choices and hardly any of the places take reservations or provide party room unless you are a group of 30 plus. It was nice to not have to send my kids away, clean my house or make sure there was enough TP in the bathroom, but I tended to lose my party pals in the midst of strangers. One of my friends actually had a fifteen minute conversation with a total stranger thinking she was part of the party. Turned out she was a pretty cool chick who worked for a SPY company. Oooooh. yeah- another benefit to having a private party in a public place.
You'd think the places we spent money in would have been more eager to accommodate us-- ie: here are the people who bought out more than half of the seats at the comedy club, let's let them bring in their beers, and let's maybe talk to them instead of the old couple sitting alone in the back?? But, no. As obnoxious as we were- and I KNOW I WAS. Those nice young black men on the stage pretty much ignored us- until we forced 2 of our own onto the stage.

Have been trying to upload the video for 2 days- but something is funky with it-- plus the fact I had to turn down the sound because of the screaming laughter and audience feedback. I'll keep trying to get it online. The actors really were funny and I really was drunk- and loud. But, hey we didn't get kicked out of ANY BARS! We actually got one bartender to lock us in, then we stole him away to the other bar where we shut them down... okay, so maybe my little town isn't that bad after all. Here's my friends Dawn and Jerry on stage, sorry about the annoying scream/laughter/whooping, but we were having a good time. For those of you who were there, I'll send around the pix.
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