Thursday, May 8, 2008

If i wasn't doing what I'm doing I might be selling these.

Sometimes I wonder what I'd be doing if I wasn't so enamored with words, books and complicated ideas boiled down into simple sentences.
I always thought I'd like to open a small shop, set it up with odd little vignettes in every corner, have quotes painted on the wall and lipsticked to old mirrors, .. you know, sell really funky home decor items. Stuff I'd have a reason to travel to Thailand to purchase and ship home. Things I'd find in somebody's basement in Maine. I have friends who actually do the whole Ebay, garage sales, estate sale auction thing, so maybe I am living vicariously through them, and I certainly love to read Mary Kay Andrews' ( Kathy Trochek) blog when she tells of the deals she got out "junkin'" when she's supposed to be selling her books...
so maybe I need to write a story with a character who does this and then I'll HAVE TO. You know, all for the sake of RESEARCH.
That's right, Mr. IRS man. I HAD to go to Thailand.
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