Friday, June 13, 2008

Thinking of remodeling your kid's bathroom?

It all started with me buying these:And deciding it was time to do something about a vanity area that looked like this: ( the picture is better that the product. I had painted those cabinets myself over a dark wood that never seemed smooth enough and the knobs had been replaced twice and the cultured marble shell sinks?? We only ever used one, and they weren't deep enough.)

which became this:
and eventually... after way too many problems... finally looks like this:And then there was the peeling enamel tub and the oh so boring four inch white square tiles and the too high toilet in the shower-toilet room. Some of the ideas had to be scrapped, like the glass door between the two rooms and the the daylight hole and the tiled ceiling.. but I mostly got my way.
It went from this:

and this:
which became this:
and for a few days this:until I became the crying baby on the plane, then I got this:
in preparation for this:and a shower that looks like this:Yes. I'm happy. But man, I know I'll never be able to build my own house. There are too many people in the mix and I wasn't even supposed to be playing GC on this project-- unlike the master bath which went smooth in comparison. I did get a few credits for all the snafus but definitely can't say this was fun, easy or cheap.
Though I will be redoing the Caribbean powder room with a stolen workerman.
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