Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home, if I'm in charge.

There are things you miss when you are away, especially when you leave pets behind. I came home to 2 very happy pooches, a NASA approved bed and an air conditioned house that I could control.
Maybe that's the thing about coming home. Reestablishing your parameters- your reign- your sense of environmental control. The hassle of returning is almost enjoyable knowing you'll have a normal/recognizable re-entry to the "real" world.
AS long as no one has messed with your tidy little space. It can make you a little sick, like you've been robbed by someone who knows you - like the
time I traveled from west coast to east only to have an ex-beau make the reverse trip and rip off my then empty house. Ouch.

Once, in Germany, I had to sleep in an unfinished windowless room on plywood because I missed the last train back to town. I called that an adventure, not a mistake. Maybe I can look at my husband's version of "keeping house" the same way-- in a few days. Or a few months when my beautiful red maple grows back- it will grow back won't it?

Still, I love to travel-- even better if I'm going solo to a place where no one knows me. I can make decisions for me a lot easier, than for 2 or 3 others and I never have to worry about pleasing anyone else. Selfish? yes. But healthy. I can adapt to strange surroundings- like say, a shared dorm room in a college campus or my parents' hard double bed in a too bright traffic facing heated room...when I have to. And I always meet the most magnificent people.

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