Monday, July 7, 2008

My Great Idea for a New Company: PAID TO WAIT

Instead of ruining your day waiting for the cable guy, the phone installer, the pest treatment specialist, the painters, the mechanic, the plumber, the window washer, house cleaner, babysitter, your parents on the 5 pm Delta flight...
May I suggest the services of a PAID WAITER?
Not the kind who serve you dinner or lunch, because those are servers who are erroneously called "waiters"... unless you count their waiting around for you to pay your bill and leave.
No, this WAITING service would be provided by a patient, soft-spoken, agreeable, insured and bonded individual. No need to reschedule your day, let the WAITER take your place- at work, home or any service area where you may be inconvenienced, from doctor's office to grocery store to pizza pick up to that annoying line at the deli department.

There must be some unemployed retirees out there, don't you think?
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