Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Porchin' it rhymes with fortunate. Unless you want a Bloody Mary.

Ah. The view from this wide wraparound porch off the B&B was tough to leave.
Especially on a Sunday, when the town below doesn't start serving beer or wine until 12:30 and won't break out the hard liquor all day.
Gotta love those Baptists.
We managed to get along anyway, having drowned our potential hangovers in a four and a half foot deep hot tub at 2 AM until dark o'thirty. Girlfriends are great travel companions.

We wandered around the town seeing folk art like this
then sat in a cool stone house to hear people like thistalk about writing, books and characters. That's Karen Abbott, Joshilyn Jackson, Patti Callahan Henry and Steve Berry.
We also met Mitchell Graham for the second time-- a fabulous writer and truly a great all around guy with some pretty amazing stories.and this guy who rarely makes public appearances .. I don't know why. Maybe it's because weirdos want their picture with him.. from odd angles.Of course we had a great time sipping wine at this beautiful placeand tossing back oysters, lobster and tuna at a funky oyster bar in town where we bumped into old friends and made new ones.
All in all a fantastic way to spend the last few days before the school schedule kicked in- for me the mom and for my friend, the teacher.
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