Friday, September 12, 2008

Anastasia wants to come to America and kill somebody.

Probably her new husband.
We all get those odd spam emails from foreign countries. They want to give us money, they want us to give them money They want to be pen pals. they want to help us save money on penis enhancing pills that we don't even take. They want us to support wars, heal the sick and generally behave as if we are much more godly than you and I know to be true.
But this morning I had to laugh- an email from foxracer yielded this information:

Hello man my new friend!
I understand, that you do not know me and I do not know you, but probably in the future all can change. All good always occurs in the future and I ask a few patience from you to read my letter up to the end... . My name is Anastasia and to me it will be very pleasant, if you will name me so. Was born 34 years ago and all this time I live in Russia, in city of Kirov. ... life goes in regular intervals and every day is similar on previous. ... For all my life I could not meet the man to which I could trust completely and with which I would like to connect my
life, but very much I want.
Several days ago I laid at home on a sofa and thought. Why I am lonely? Why I cannot find my special the man?... Also I have thought. Why to not try to get acquainted with the man from other country if I could not find my special man here in Russia? Now we live in 21 century and I
know, that many people use the Internet ... I do not want to be lonely during my life or simply to sit and wait, when my love will come to me.

...and she goes on, though my mind drifts to yesterday's local headline about immigrants being responsible for increase in crime, which led some idiot to conclude the immigrants need some sort of tutoring when they move to the US so that they will understand the like a USA handbook at every border?

...but the kicker is this picture of lovely ANASTASIA:
It looks like she is hiding a blade or an icepick, that any minute- after the ceremony, after the joint bank account has been opened- after the fake pregnancy has been announced- she's going to rip off her wig and stab Mr. American Man Her New Friend.

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