Monday, September 8, 2008

Moms take Bunko One Step Further

Our monthly Bunko meet up is more than a dice game, with this kind of booze, some of the husbands call it DRUNKO.
It's more than winning a few bucks and telling a few embarrassing stories to women who understand you. It has become an excuse for a Mom's night out for dinner or shopping- a weekend away, a trip across a draining lake...Liz and her husband are kind enough to invite us to spend the night and most of the next day with them on a lovely houseboat ( enough beds to sleep 10-- or more if you're creative).This is our third year and we now have a list of "things we do".
Liz brings these fruit creations.
Debbie sleeps on the top deck.
The snorers sleep in the smallest lower cabin.
We have a song playlist.
This year I brought a small karaoke machine.
Liz gives door prizes. (This year we scored some of her homemade creations and came up with ways she can sell her adorable cosmetic bags and jewelry online.)
And we gave her a private joke- signed cookbook.
We play poker with M&M''s.. eating our winnings and stealing more whenever we can...
and we swim to a nearby island. (
It's more of a dog paddle/float with life preservers under our butts and plastic cups of wine in our teeth...and yet...)
We have a wonderful time and always hate for it to end.
This year, we stole the Vegas saying- WHAT HAPPENS AT BUNKO STAYS AT BUNKO, but really, what kind of trouble can 9 women possibly get into on a houseboat beached on a deserted island of deer?
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