Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today, You're number 1.

My husband says he knows he's not number one on my list.
He says that most days he knows he's not even number two or three or four, but hey- he's just happy to be on the list- at all. He's only partly joking.

But today, I bump him to the top of the list- or at least we share the spot as we celebrate our 9-11-92 wedding with a day of surprises.

Allow me to recap...

Last year was his choice, and we did this.

The year before was my plan, so we spent the weekend driving one of these around and leadfooted it to a luxury time here.

2005 was the first year we had full day availability. I started the "surprise me- and NO gifts. Just adventures." So, he chose to do this! on our 13th anniversary. Yes, off that ramp.

So today, I will take him on a funky lunch date followed by the most unique museum experience in the world and wrap up the day with an hour doing this... well at least wrap up the public part of the day.
Then I'll brush my hands together and pass the torch.
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