Monday, October 27, 2008


Boys Night In. ( for all my male friends)

Girls Night Out.
when the evening starts by slipping into a shirt that says,"Let's get sheetfaced."
you know you're in for some fun.
The badass druglord Mexican joints nearest to Netherworld lost our business this year as we traded in tequila for vodka and "The Cap'n". Courage in the form of lemon drops. You're buying it, aren't you?add a few vampire teeth and some glow in the dark lipstick that we smeared everywhere but forgot to check if it worked...

unless you have a vampire phobia... then just use your own teeththere was much shoving, screaming and laughing... especially for the First Timers
Noticed more couples on a weeknight than normal.. is this really first date material? I guess, if you want to see if your new man screams like a pussy.
This guy tried to get us to listen to the rules, but some of us were playing with our Crackberries and some of us were trying to drink the secret stash of Red Bull and Vodka and others were trying to figure out if this was a new gang in town or just some more overpriced apparel.There was more waiting and make up tips
Inside was fun
outside was a surprise in the 3rd outhouse and afterward- we went to a dead bar- to round out a ghoulish night. I think I would have been dead today if I had drunk their special:
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