Friday, October 24, 2008

Dress up Dilemma

It's that time of the year again. Do you have your costume/s?
If you're like me, there are a few parties to attend, and each one requires a different proper Halloween attire approach, because what you'd wear to work on Halloween isn't the same as your outfit for the kindergarten classroom or the ladies only event, and certainly wouldn't do for the big, crazy neighborhood party. I even have a costume for answering the door when the trick or treaters come around. We have a trunk and a closet for our costumes, but as organized as I am, I still manage to misplace a few. In the past few years- for Halloween and theme events, I have been:
a dead soldier
a teenaged football player ( wearing my 11 year old's uniform)
Jeanie, of I dream of Jeanie
a sexy Referee
a beauty queen
a super hero - Smarty Pants
a bordello owner
an assassin -Poison Pen
Peg Bundy
an equestrian
a pregnant prom princess
my mother
old man
accident victim..... and more.

You might say, I like to dress up. You might also say, I like being someone else for a little while. You would be right.
This year I looked at some funny costumes out there. Like this:

I like funny, but not when I have to explain it. ( This is bull shit. I mean the costume is.)

This is way too funny, but not sure the man will go for it. Neigh.

If I was a guy , I would sickly enjoy wearing this.

Yes. Too many choices- between the stores and the internet and my imagination. I'm glad the Halloween season doesn't run too long.
So, after I tossed out Lara Croft and The Catwoman, and put aside three favs: Sonny and Cher, Barbie and Ken and Sandy and Danny from Grease, when I got the go ahead for Catholic priest and naughty school girl.
I'll save a creepy witch costume for the brave ones who make it up the driveway next week and spend the next few months deciding what event I can create so that I am forced to dress up in a outfit that goes with these:

because sometimes "costume party" is just an excuse to buy killer boots, wear sexy wigs and speak with a foreign accent. Isn't it Dahling?
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