Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Get New Carpet Now- Pay Later.

Ok. I'm going to sound like a salesperson, or a real estate agent, or a perfectionist homemaker...
But ...
I just carpeted 2 kids bedrooms, one guest room, a hall, the main stairs, my office ( which is technically a living room) and a master suite for free.
At least for now, it's free.
Mohawk has this great 12 months no payments, no interest deal that makes it very easy to say yes to carpet.
Sure, it was a pain in the ass and took 4 days to move all the stuff off the floor of the closets and clear the tops of dressers, desks and tables...
but the installers moved all the heavy stuff, even took apart beds and desks and didn't complain once- at least not in English. The whole job was finished in 9 hours, looks fantastic and with the family's help and a few football players, I had everything back in place by bedtime. And threw out a few bags of stuff along the way--organizing was an added plus.

Imagine how much better my house will show when the market bounces back and the buyers come traipsing through. And yes, we get to enjoy it now...instead of dealing with the 7 year old stained Berber and the 13 year old "neutral" unpadded synthetic stuff.
I feel smart enough to be VP.
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