Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Living on frozen remains

The freezer nights are going well, interrupted by a few nights of dining out, but see this before picture? well, I am down to the last 7 packets of chicken - 4 in the outside freezer- and a few bags of frozen veggies and nuggets.
Is there something wrong with me that I like to use everything up before I buy more?
The idea of a stocked pantry is frightening- way too many choices. I have been approaching the less is more mentality in many parts of my life- with the approach that it is quality over quantity- ditching clothes, books, collectibles, even- I know- hold on.... shoes.

So my question is, If I am the Queen of Less Is More, does that mean I don't need a castle?
Because I want a tower, and a moat and a pool boy, moats need pool boys, don't they?
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