Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas House Tour Snooping

Today I'll have another opportunity to see how the other half- or more like other 1/18 lives in suburban Atlanta, specifically upscale hoity-toity suburban Atlanta: estate homes on a golf course, behind a winery.
Yes, there will be secret, illegal picture taking, stealing of interior design ideas and yes, most likely a little imbibing of the vino afterward with my friends--but definitely not the vino from the winery itself. It's the one wine tasting I've gone to that I actually spit out the wine.
You can say this all day long:
Château Élan has developed ingenious methods of trellising, pruning and fertilization that generate excellent quality and productivity. Due to the humid climate in Georgia, Château Élan developed special protective measures, by keeping the vines high off the ground and further apart allowing for better ventilation.
But you aren't fooling my taste buds.
Chateau Elan should drop the fancy french accents and stick to spa treatments, horse shows and golf.
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