Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For All You Armchair Quarterbacks Who Called For The Replay.

After the Steelers/Chargers Sunday game fiasco, the NFL says it's going to look into ways to eliminate future officiating mistakes. Is that like fixing broken men?
And I only say men because I don't see any women wearing stripes on the football field.
Thing is.. human eyes, human errors. Even sometimes the angle of the shot/s doesn't give us a clear picture of what really happened. Wouldn't it be great if players were honest? No, sorry, I stepped out of bounds before I made the touchdown. My bad.
It wasn't only the fans and the players who were affected by the bad call, but more importantly... the gamblers.
Ruling the play a touchdown and then reversing the decision because of an illegal forward pass,
caused an approximate $64 million swing in winnings.* OUCH.

Yahoo sports gives the play by play better than I, as my report includes grass stained knees, package sizes, tight asses and ugly cheerleaders: what women see...
Here's what happened:
San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers flipped a short pass to LaDainian Tomlinson, who turned and flipped a lateral to wide receiver Chris Chambers.Chamber then attempted to lateral backward but his errant throw bounced off the turf and was scooped up by Polamalu, who carried it into the end zone for an apparent 17-10 lead.
However, as the teams lined up for the extra point, the replay official called for a review of the play. Following the initial review, referee Scott Green announced the ruling on the field stood and that the touchdown counted. However, the referees huddled again and determined that one of the laterals was an illegal forward pass, which would have ended the play and the game.

The problem, as Green explained after the game and the NFL expounded upon in its statement, was that the officials applied the ruling to the incorrect lateral.“The officiating crew mistakenly determined that the backward pass that Polamalu legally recovered and returned for the touchdown was the pass that was reversed in replay to being forward and illegal,” the league said in the statement. “Therefore, the crew ruled that the ball was dead when it hit the ground and the play was over. (The actual illegal forward pass - Tomlinson to Chambers - did not hit the ground and therefore the play is allowed to continue.)

“If the situation had been handled properly, the defense (Pittsburgh) would have declined the penalty for an illegal forward pass from Tomlinson to Chambers and taken the touchdown.”

*RJ Bell of Pregame.com, a Las Vegas-based sports information service, estimated that $100 million was bet on the contest, in which the Steelers were a five-point favorite.

My idea two weeks ago of implanting a webcam and a chip in the football itself doesn't seem that stupid now, does it my beer slugging armchair pals?
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