Monday, November 17, 2008

An open letter to recent partygoers from your hostess.

Dear Party People,
You are fabulous. All the pretty women and all the handsome men.

I mean, look at you. You dressed up and took your parts seriously. You were divas!

And gangsters!And Flappers and Molls. The Tommygun vodka was a double surprise.When you were posing, or gambling or selling cigarettes and secrets, you stayed in your role. You made my house a speakeasy. You made all the prep work worth it.
Even if someone had to die.
Good thing we had a cop and a private detective. Even if the dick took his job a little too seriously.A dick should be good at cleaning up messes, though right? Yes, there were messes, from spilled drinks to stinky anchovies and eggs to boa feathers and sequins and fake money on the floor...oh, and to the person who dropped the phone in the toilet? Don't worry, I've done it too.
We lost a few clay chips, but ended up with a few extras; one pair of reading glasses, keys to a Ferrari, a white headdress...and enough booze to make me want to throw a movie party next week. Someone needs to alert the husband, or ship him out of town.

There is something about drinking booze in a mason jar that interferes with your ability to say, "No more. I'm good."
Maybe you think you're saying that, but it comes out as, "Give me another drink. And some of those thai potato chips too."

Gambling with fake money and bad rules can be interesting, as these lovely ladies demonstrateand as always, there will be jokes about the crap table bets 'on the come'

But someone will maintain her dignity at every party. Someone- certainly not me- will come out on top.
This one? She only looks like a floosie.
She was the only one to guess the murderer. Maybe she needed a few more visits to the bar and the generous bartender. Amazing what you can do with a dining table and a bench, isn't it?

You, my party people, make me happy. You take great pictures. You tell great stories and you have class.
and that's what makes throwing a party for you such fun.

Though, throwing money is fun too.

as is stealing it...
Thank you for your efforts, for your attendance, for the happy smiling faces, for the toasts and shared dances, for the kisses and the love. For all the friends that made this party a success.
Until next time, I bow to you.
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