Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shoe name or new band?

Metallic Peep Toes.

I scored these Ellen Tracy shoes at a DSW clearance sale. Classy, comfortable and amazingly still in fashion this season. Not that I am a strict fashionista like that.
I wear what I like.

Thanks to NABLOSHOEMO, and Nobloshoemo, I found two new shoe blogs this month and this really cool site to search for shoes.

Here's a snippet about the site:
Created by two students at UC Berkeley in an attempt to help their girlfriends find stylish and affordable shoes, is a visual search engine. Simply find a shoe you like, and one click later, you'll be presented with a host of similarly-styled shoes.
For example, if you click on a pair of purple sling-back, you won't just get information on that specific pair of shoes, you'll also see page after page of shoes that closely match the color or style of your original choice, from a variety of vendors, in all price ranges.
Say one of those other choices is a white sling-back with a platform sole. When you click that shoe, your results will change to show new styles that resemble your latest selection.
You can also search for brands and styles, save your favorites, and find handbags and sunglasses in the same way.
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