Friday, November 14, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance? I can watch. All night.

Last night I took my ten-year-old to her first "concert."
It was the So You Think You Can Dance Tour in Atlanta. And it was great. Definitely got our money's worth and the floor seats rocked. We had a nice sushi dinner pre-show, and learned how restaurants try to "turn" tables on busy nights. We left in a huff and went across the parking lot to a slammed Italian place where they said the wait was ... too long.
I taught my daughter how to make friends with single men sitting at a table for two. Making friends is always fun, especially when they are good friends with pro ball players. And getting a drink in a slammed bar and restaurant very very near the arena is even better.
At the arena we bought souvenirs- another lesson in economic downturn and improper staffing.
Then we took our seats where I taught her another lesson- this one in how to continue to shoot video even though you have just been busted by security.
Apparently, all the still shots and flashes and cell phone pix are cool- just no video. I'm sure this has something to do with the music rights.
Exiting the lot, there was one last lesson... let the people in the crappy cars cut in front of you, and then nod like it was your idea all along, because after all, if they are in front of you they can't rear end you.
I think there's a moral in there somewhere.

Thank you Will and Jessica for dancing my favorite routine: Silence. check out the complete song below if you like this snippet.

Silence - Jan A.P. Kaczmarek + Jorane
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