Friday, January 2, 2009

My son is a cheater.

But it's not really his fault. I'm blaming the crappy school system.
And really, how much does it matter if you cheat on the final exam for your PE class? especially when the instructor gives you the answers 4 days earlier?

I'm serious.
The teacher handed out a sheet numbered 1-50, with letters next to each number, saying, "Here's the answers to the test I'm giving on Friday. It's for your final grade and I didn't teach you some of it. Good luck."

The next period he goes to his World Geography class, taught by a football coach, a guy who is confused about the geography of Georgia. Coach hands out a 3 page test and says, "Here's a copy of your midterm exam I'm giving on Thursday. Work on it today and we'll go over the answers on Wednesday."
Wednesday night, my son shows me the test and has a few questions, about India's exports and the value of bamboo in Eastern countries. I say, "Why didn't you ask your teacher about that?" He says, "I did and he said he didn't know."

I can hardly wait to see what next semester brings.

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