Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shopping on a Limited Memory.

I am a list maker.
Not the kind of person who needs to stand up and state her case in a room of over-caffeinated nervous people wearing polyester, but the kind of person who can be found in grocery stores across the continent clutching scraps of paper: milk, juice, tampons, frozen pizza, birthday card, gyzzopft, bananas... isn't there always ONE unintelligible thing on the list?
Did you know there is a whole website of found grocery lists?
well, there is.
and a book.
But of course. there is always a book.
Probably soon to be a movie too.
Featuring the folks that left this list in their cart. ( That might be an X-rated movie.)
I always thought it would be funny to write up a fake list and drop it by someone who would be shocked to read it.
Extra large condoms, vaseline, zucchinis, red bull
dropped next to Grandma

Hmm. Might be a whole new way to meet people.

So..Not because anyone might think my lists are x-rated, or even sensible, though I do use headers for dairy, produce, frozen and organic... shut up. But lately, I make all my lists on the Blackberry. Much harder to lose. And I never have to be cryptic.

One of the items today in the memo section for today, pre-grocery store stop was for a kid birthday gift. A tween who wanted makeup. Hello ULTA.
While shopping, I get a call from the hubby who wants expensive cologne. Ok. But not on the list, nor was the cologne for myself or the eye pencil, which the girl said, in a sort of familiar way. "This slate green will be great with your green eyes. You need to have this."
I do? Well, okay. I'll take it.
Funny thing was when I got home I found out I ALREADY had the same eye pencil. No wonder the pitch sounded so familiar. Let's just hope the hubby doesn't already have the same cologne.
i know, it's not like it goes bad or anything...

Tonight, I am going with some friends to hear my pal Jack Riggs read from his new book, The Fireman's Wife. Hopefully we can convince Jack and his cool wife to come out and have a few cocktails with us afterward. I need a good "fireman themed" drink for Jack.
THIS looks a bit too froufrou.
Seriously, what kind of fireman drinks that?
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