Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snaps is the name of the game.

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Went to a jazz club last night that restyled itself as a rock club and still forgot to add a dance floor. Totally lame. Our local venues in my hick Georgia town are all pretty boring. Most doors close at midnight and there are so many rules about drinking and smoking and so many cops on the road, you really are better off to just stay home and invite people over.

But going out means you don't have to vacuum. Going out means you can meet new people and experience new things, even if you are freaking tired and still feel full from eating too much white pizza at lunch.
And God knows, I love to people watch.. so, there I was in the jazz-rock-no dance floor place , sharing a narrow bartop/table with strangers, guarding all the handbags and leather coats when I notice these three guys playing a guessing game. First I am eavesdropping, and then, because I hate not knowing EVERYTHING.. I am flat out asking them how to play it. They are impressed that I get PART of it right.

This is the game:
This is a game where the people who know how to play tell each other the names of celebrities. The people who don't know how to play have to try to figure out how it works, and it's pretty funny. This is how it works.

- When someone says "Snaps IS the name of the game" they mean that they will be doing the first name of the celebrity.
- When they say "Snaps ISN'T the name of the game" they mean they will be doing the last name of a celebrity.

Here is an example. Let's say someone is doing Bill Clinton. They will say "snaps isn't the name of the game". So you know they're doing the last name.
Then they will say a phrase that starts with the letter "C" such as "Can you guess what it is?" And that's how you do the consonants.
When you come to the vowels you snap 1-5 times depending on the vowel.
1 - A
2 - E
3 - I
4 - O
5 - U

That's how it works. A bit complicated to explain, but fun once learned.

My friends and I had fun giving them difficult names, like Bette Midler and Gloria Swanson, and totally tripped out when these young dudes guessed correctly.
Funnier still, 2 of the guys were identical twins, and I was thinking for the longest time that they had that special "twin lingo- connection" thing going on... but later figured out that was just the effect irish Car Bombs have on me.

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