Monday, February 16, 2009

In a day that began with a shoe lover donating shoes...

It's no wonder it ended in fire.
Yes, that is a belly dancer balancing a lit sword on her head while she gyrates around the room in gold high-heeled sandals.
Maybe I was sad for the loss of 9 pairs of shoes and one pair of boots... but I was reasonably sedate for the evening I think it had something to do with this:
Peach hooka!
Only in Georgia.

Or the fact that we were sitting on the floor on comfortable cushions, jammed behind low tables drinking Turkish beer. i was more than happy to just watch.

I left the belly dancing up to the ladies with the dollar bills and the hip gyrating classes.
Like Yasmin and Mary.

and this odd couple.
of course no girls night out would be complete without the requisite man pose.

Much fun and much eggplant. I will definitely have to do it again.
Another outing I can cross off my "want to do" list.
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