Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend wrapup. Old Dogs, Flowers, Fish and Football

My parents were in town for the weekend. Not a big event for most people, but my parents took 2 days to drive to Georgia from Central NY, stopping in on us on their way to a short vacation in Florida.
It was a busy few days. Not only did my old dog turn 13. Happy Birthday, Kid Kallahan.

My Mom turned 73.
Happy Birthday, Cookie.
We went out for Greek food after a day at the Aquarium.
We also went to a flower show. My dad and I liked the butterflies from South America
and I got to see more of the weird orchids I love.
creepy aren't they?

Then of course there was THE SUPER BOWL. Though, it was kind of like the super disappearing act in our house, as some people crashed on the couch, some holed away in their room with a video game and others escaped to a book. We did make a betting pool and had lots of snacky food and martinis, so sure, it was a party. Just more sedate than usual with lots of texting going on and lots of waiting for the funny commercials, then dvr'ing the great play so we could see the catch again and again.
If only I had a life dvr.

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