Thursday, May 7, 2009

You can censor me but you can't shut me down. Just ask my husband.

So, I went to a party. No news there.

I took pictures. No news there.
I let people draw on me. No news there.
I posted a picture of the drawing on Facebook. No news there.

Until... a few hours later when FB gave me a warning, then pulled it.

So, I'm posting the picture here.
No news there.

My new best friend, Kathleen drew that lovely anatomically correct body part, though some of the guys thought it a bit stubby and stubbly. My arm was the guinea pig for her art, as she boasted it was her forte' in college to tattoo foreheads of sleeping people in such a manner. And seeing as there were a few sleeping partiers by this time of the morning... well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I should back up. The party started like this:
beautiful warm, sunny late afternoon on the lake
, 60 fun guests, bartender, captain and caterers in a luxury 120' houseboat complete with music, booze, food, TV, Derby, poker, dancing and celebrating an early Cinco de Mayo.
Did I say there was booze?
as the sun set, there were games:
all masterminded by the host, Martini and his lovely wife.

Hey look, it's Toby's Angels. ( the guy who almost got the tattoo... but he woke up and started drinking again.)

Once again, I met loads of cool new folks, exchanged info, added FB friends and even have plans to catch up to a family on our next beach trip, as they have a cute daughter the same age as my son. See, I am always on the look out for everyone's best interest. Just another day as a party girl. Best images I missed with the camera?
One guy's wife sleeping sitting straight up on one end of a long long couch and one gal's husband sleeping face down on the other end. Oh, yeah, and there was also some guy who wanted EVERYONE to get in the hot tub nekked. We ran into him on the lower level ... when he was wearing a towel. Just a towel.

I love my friends.
And to quote Jerry... "The best day of my life was when my best friend bought a houseboat."
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