Thursday, July 23, 2009

Women over 40. Is there botox for your saggy knees?

These are the knees of a few celebrities over 40. Seriously? That's what this UK article says. You can guess whose legs are whose or click the link and find out.

The article says, and I directly quote, "Our knees are made up of skin on bone (there is no muscle you can tone to keep them in shape), so when the ageing process kicks in and gravity begins to take its toll, the skin starts to slide off the bone like a well-cooked chicken: not a good look.

Victoria Beckham (who has not even made it to her 40s yet but is preternaturally thin), Teri Hatcher, Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman are fine examples of very skinny women who have all been mocked for their gnarled knees.

Moore was so hurt by media comments about her knees after she'd spent a rumoured £250,000 on surgery on her body that she splashed out a further £5,000 on pioneering and painful extra surgery to rectify the problem.

There were also rumours that Kidman had undergone the same procedure when, following unflattering pictures, she was photographed with her knees covered in plasters.

The operation involves stripping the skin from the knee cap, pulling it tight and stitching it in place just like a face-lift.

The only problem is that unlike a face-lift, there's no handy hairline to hide the scar and the patient must commit themselves to a lifetime of fake tans and concealers.

Demi, as an international movie star married to a man 15 years younger than her, took the high-maintenance option. Most middle-aged women opt for the cheaper and less painful route: putting their knees into purdah and never revealing anything from the shin up."

How much longer till summer's over?
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