Friday, August 21, 2009

He's a Magic Man.

Everyone knows this guy: He's MAGIC.
I met him once.
I used to do promotional modeling in California. One of my jobs was to appear at a David Copperfield Show in San Diego. This must have been around 1986-1987 He was in his hey dey then, and me? I wasn't impressed. I'm the girl who likes to expose the tricks, watch the hand they don't want you to watch, see the angle to camera can't. So, of course I went backstage.
What I found was a David Copperfield double.
Right after his "I've disappeared from this part of the stage and reappeared in the back of the audience trick." yep

Still, I thought he was hot. And a guy with magic hands? well. 'nuff said.
But I was in a relationship and I declined the drinks and backstage sit-in and instead went home and pretty much forgot all about it.
I followed his rise to fame- him becoming the 57 million dollar man.. a man with a private island.

As with most celebrities, he ran into a bit of girl trouble.. some claims washed away and some are still sticking around. Like this one from 2007:

A Seattle woman has filed a lawsuit stating that illusionist David Copperfield repeatedly sexually assaulted her two years ago on his private island for two days. The woman, 22, claims the magician raped her and sexually assaulted her on two other occasions and even threatened to kill her. Two years ago, David Copperfield invited the woman to his $50 million private retreat on Musha Cay after meeting her at a show in Washington state. One of Copperfield’s assistants invited the alleged victim backstage, where she was told about potential work on the island that might lead to “modeling opportunities,” according to the suit, filed on July 29.
When the 22 year-old woman on the island, that is only reachable by private boat, on July 27, 2007, “she realized no one else was in attendance other than . . . Copperfield,” the suit states. They had dinner and then went to David Copperfield’s room to watch a movie.
“Copperfield then attacked [her] and sexually assaulted her” and “threatened to kill her,” despite the victim’s attempt to fight him off, leaving her “extremely traumatized,” her filing charges.

“This lawsuit is extortion for money, plain and simple,” Copperfield’s lawyers say. “Unfortunately, false claims like this only hurt the women who really have been abused, women who really need our help.” reported that other women have claimed that Copperfield uses his shows to target attractive women. The woman took photographs of the alleged crime scene with her cell phone and did not bathe so as to retain DNA evidence. Upon her return to Seattle, she went directly to a hospital and a "rape kit" was assembled. Some of her clothing was taken as evidence. FBI agents arranged a
Sting operation in which the woman met Copperfield and he allegedly offered her a US$2 million bribe, if she would drop her rape charge against him.

Magic Man? maybe not.
Odd how I mistyped his name first off-- coming up with Copperfiend. And because I like to expose truths...
here's a sneak peak at the way one of his "magic" tricks is really done.

David Copperfield Revealed - For more of the funniest videos, click here

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