Thursday, September 17, 2009

Five Fall Fashion Must-Haves

As a Twittering Mom, I was recently offered a gift card to speak out on fashion.
God knows, I don't need any encouragement to speak out, and as a former Fashion student, this is one area that I actually say my opinions come from an educated background.

If you want to add your ideas, and win a gift card, go here and read the rules.

All right. Here you go.

1. Thigh high boots. Yes, I went there.

2. Black cotton leggings. With a wide comfortable waistband.

3. A "boyfriend jacket." cheap. expensive. Boyfriend not required.

4. Anything Biker. Leather is hot this season, also clunky boots and studs. (see above. Boyfriend not required)

5. Return to the 80's - from neon colors, big shoulder pads, disco dresses, funky tights and platform shoes. (one suggestion? skip the big hair)

Shop Smart. Look Fab.

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