Friday, September 25, 2009

Photoshopped Models Tweak Teen Image

No matter how often I tell my 11 year old daughter, that what she sees on TV, in movies or in magazines, isn't reality, nomatter how often I show her this DOVE behind the scenes BEAUTY campaign,

I'm still just her mother, and therefore I don't know anything about anything, so boy was I glad to see this:

Warning: this unrealistic image has been Photoshopped

The French parliament has held its first hearing of a proposed law that would require every advertisement to display a disclaimer telling the public that images of people were manipulated. The goal is to help cut down on body issues in adolescents, and violating the law could be costly.

see full article HERE

Because, honestly, isn't it hard enough to be happy in our skin? No one wants to compare themselves to some graphic artist's imagination, do they?
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