Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So your child wants to play an instrument, huh?

Welcome to the wonderful world of music.

Perhaps you played an instrument as a child?
Perhaps you play one now?
Uh, no, Guitar Hero does not count.

Don't believe for an instant that your smart, talented child is choosing to join band at school for any reason other than: she followed the cute boy to the sign-up sheet by mistake, she wants something else to torture her mother with, she thought it would be a gateway to international travel.

Or, she just liked the idea of taking music classes more than she liked the idea of taking health classes.

At any rate, your child is now in the band. She is playing the clarinet or the trumpet or the french horn or the oboe, or percussion. Darn, why isn't she playing percussion?
And now you have to hire an instructor and buy supplies and remind her to practice, and listen to her practice, and you are thinking health classes may have been a really really really good idea.
But then you remember how much you enjoy music and how you must have been the same way when you were learning to play the guitar, and when you tried those few months with the piano...
and so you applaud the performance of Hot Cross Buns and you order reeds from Germany and you support as only a mother can.

And you think, maybe someday, not only will the musical portion of her brain that has been stimulated help her with math and science, but maybe someday, she will create a whole new instrument....
something that will make sounds that you can't even describe.
Something like this guy makes.
Meet my friend DIEGO STOCCO and the Experibass.

Diego Stocco - Experibass from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

now that is way too cool....hotcrossbuns hot cross buns
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