Monday, November 9, 2009

2 boots 2 catch up 2 days. 2 stories 2.

It's almost winter, and time to cover up the legs you stopped shaving when you tucked the bikini in the bottom drawer. It's also holiday, party season and when someone says pirate? You say: Buccaneer boots.
Now try to find the perfect pair, because Lord knows, you do not want to stand for 8 hours in those thigh high stiletto boots like 2 years ago at the Murder Mystery when you were Smarty Pants.
okay, i know. this is a crappy picture of the boots, but until I can buy another battery for the camera today, this is all I got.
( spoken like a true pillaging pirate.arghhh.)

Yep, me again. for the day I missed when I was re-creating a house out of The Salty Sea Dog Saloon and Galley...
Here's more leg and more over the knee boots. ( faux suede, pointed toe, full length zipper and scrunchy look all for less than $45. Score!
These are surprisingly comfortable and actually, I may have ordered a half size too large, which only means thick socks, unless one of my shoe-loving friends wants to buy the 8 1/2 and swap me? ( available in black, winter white and gray)
and no, the car isn't part of the swap. She's all mine.

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